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This probably comes as a great a surprise to you as it did to me! When I joined Council about 10 years ago I had no thoughts of being Chairman of this great Society, but ‘needs must’ as they say.

Our departing Chairman Gerald Harrison is leaving us (you’ll hear from Gerald in the coming issue of the Journal) and as a stop gap Council decided that until a new chairman is found council members would take up the mantle on a rotation basis with a four month stint - so here I am.

Do I think that this idea of a chairperson by rotation is a good idea? No, I don’t especially at this critical stage of the Society’s life, at a time when we need positive action to ensure that the Society moves forward strongly, we need a strong Chair to move us forward, instead we will have three different Chairpeople in the next 12 months with very little chance of moving the Society forward in the very short time that each has. On the positive side if we could recruit a Deputy Chairperson to work alongside the rotating Chairs for the next 12 - 18 months they could learn a lot from three different Council members and that would put them in a good position to take over as Chairperson at a later date, - So any volunteers?

Since being Chairman we have had several resignations from Council, Maureen our Founder and President has resigned, our Treasurer Martyn is resigning (as soon as I can find a replacement for him and now our Journal Editor Graham has resigned, I’m not sure but I don’t think that it’s because of me!

I will take on the Journal Editor, with help from Graham and Gerald, job until we find a replacement so if anyone is interested in taking the job on please let me know - quickly!

I am amazed at the lack of input/feedback from members. We need this input in order to make the Society a better organisation for us all. To try and get you motivated we are introducing online discussions called ‘Ask your Council’ this will allow you to have your say face to face almost, you can ask us questions, let us know your thoughts about the Society and how it’s working for you, you can make suggestions or complain. You will be sent a Communique a week or so before each scheduled event then you can let me know if you want to join in and help the Society improve.

I can be contacted on or on 01543 415603

Best wishes


Ian P. Williamson